What is Plant a tree?

Our team is a bunch of motivated entrepreneurs who want to secure the future of our planet. Trees are the main oxygen source of our Earth, by planting them we can reduce the CO2 level. As young and free spirits we would like to combine having fun with doing something GOOD. Our goal is to list our Plant A Tree Cocktail in many bars, restaurants, hotels and festivals worldwide.

How does it work?

Ask for our cocktail and we plant a tree for you! 

Enjoy the pleasant fusion of gin, tonic and super cool matcha tea and make the world better place together! 

Each cocktail covers a newly planted tree for helping our Planet to breathe again. Join our mission and let’s do some really GOOD by planting millions more trees for our Mother Nature! The only thing have to do is enjoying a delicious cocktail! ;)

We need to take action now.

Where can I buy the cocktail?

Find our friends and partners here: listed bars

How do I know you plant my tree?

You could trust us. We are a bunch of super motivated and fully committed people who really want to do something for our environment. Not tomorrow or the day of tomorrow, today. And we mean it.

Where do you plant?

We buy private lands, take samples from the agriculture land and make it into a beautiful forest. We make sure that those fields and trees are protected and nobody will ever touch it.

When do you plant?

After ordering and having your drink, we immediately receive your request in our system and send you a confirmation mail about it. We print your name into our recycled tag card and start preparing your little tree superhero to be planted. Shortly after we planted we send you a picture about your tree with your name on it!

Can I plant without a drink?

Sure, you do! We believe that every human being is personally responsible for doing something against climate change from wherever they are so we also put an Individual Donation option to our website where you could easily donate if are not nearby a Plant a Tree venue partner. The process is the same: after you select the volume of your donation, we plant a tree or as many trees as you selected for you.